An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: A Digital Story

This short, digital story summarizes topics that could be covered in a biology course. I attempted to create a story, of sorts, of how the structure and function of human anatomy and physiology is characterized in biology. As I worked through this assignment, I began to realize that as distracted as I was with working with this new tool, I sacrificed the personalization of this project.  I chose to use the Slideroll video maker tool to create this project, and found that although the demonstration of the sample projects were straightforward, Slideroll was not intuitive to use. Unfortunately, I spent too much time on the execution of this project.

Initially, I thought that the use of images from the student textbook in this story would reinforce a measure of continuity. Upon further reflection, I can now see that this project could have used more personal images rather than images that my students would see in their text. While I am not completely happy with this digital story as it stands now, I have learned so much about the use of this new slideshow tool, Slideroll, and how I will further personalize this story in the future. Real, rather than stock images that reflect the underlying principles of human anatomy and physiology will be used in the future. Additionally, images that evoke personal emotion or shared human experience would add to the personalization of this project.