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After spending my early career as a research scientist, and then raising a family, in the fall of 2000 I was offered the opportunity to begin teaching online at a local community college an introductory Biology course. As a part of this position, I completed a short course in how to teach online, but found that the basic instruction of the course did not satisfy my thirst for knowledge in the emerging field of Educational Technology. As an Idaho native, with my roots firmly set in Boise, I began researching my continuing education in avenues that would accommodate my desire for a quality education without requiring a relocation. I never imagined that I would find the perfect program in my hometown at Boise State University!

Over the past three years, I have been fortunate to select and complete courses that have trained me in the theoretical foundations of online learning and technology integration. This knowledge has been immediately applied to my own practice and have directly influenced my own instruction methods and my student’s learning. Each semester, I have been humbled and gratified by my student’s postive feedback and attribute, in part, their learning to the theory I practice and the tools I have implemented from my own learning in the Educational Technology program at BSU.

Creating my learning log blog post-Christina Moore


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