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Hello. My name is Christina, and I was a Lurker.

Sometimes that is all it takes, isn’t it? Admitting one’s shortcomings is uncomfortable, but I must now admit that my online life thus far could be easily characterized as a Lurker. Before I began EdTech 543-Social Networking, I wasn’t even familiar with the term “Lurker” or “curation”. My introduction to social networking began innocently enough. I indulged my curiosity about former high school peers by joining Facebook, and began following strangers on Twitter for their comic relief. However, over the course of my years in the Ed Tech program, I have begun to understand how important and valuable the social networking experience can be. My elementary experience in creating a PLN (personal learning network) was limited to my sharing information about politics, science, and family photos with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. But as a result of this class, I have seen the power of Twitter as a means to share and gather information. Who knew you could create all of those columns in Tweetdeck and follow multiple themes at once? I am sure most of you did, but it was new to me! Content curation? Healing informational content from a dreaded disease? NO! I had no idea that I had been curating content using Pinterest. I had not even begun to consider how meaningful this tool (and others like it) could be for my students as they created projects in the online Biology course I teach until curation was an assignment in this course! As I look back on the semester, I believe that my favorite (while frustrating) assignment was the final MOOC project. While I always hope for the most detailed outlines and instructions for assignments, the freedom to create a social media and networking course on our own was challenging and exciting. I have always enjoyed how the final projects in our EdTech courses serve as a means to solidify our learning. The MOOC project was able to help me see how the previous assignments from the semester could be integrated and applied in a meaningful application of social networking. Our project on Healthy Living integrates a variety of social networking components that I am always afraid to try with my students. But now that I have had the practice of applying these tools in a practice setting, I am more likely to attempt to use them with my “real-life” students. I think most people are a little nervous when they venture out into the anonymous online world, but I have seen through the use of Twitter, Diigo, Webinars, and the MOOC Project, that it is often just the first step that is scary. Once you dive in, the world, and its people, rise to meet you. Or Friend you, Tweet you, or Pin you!



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