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EdTech 543-PLN Diagram

Although I created by first image of my PLN in a very different way, relating the relationship of these networks as a Venn-diagram seemed to make the most sense to me. I do try to compartmentalize the different areas of my life; as I tried to illustrate in this image. And within those different areas, I do tend to use different tools. For example, in my work life I use Yammer, Edmodo, Google +, and LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Of those networks, I only use Facebook and Twitter in other areas of both my personal and educational life. I know that many people choose to overlap these networks more than I have, choosing to integrate the use of a single Facebook or Twitter profile. But in my life, I appreciate the ability to separate the use of some of these networks for different purposes. I realize that this graphic representation is simplistic compared to some of the other PLE diagrams that my peers have created, with interactivity and beautifully integrated graphics, but in this circumstance I chose to keep it simple!


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