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A Question of Questions

Between our individual and group collaboration projects this week, the question of how to question has been raised repeatedly. From our first experience with evaluation in the Far West Laboratory project to the “Tangled” group project, in each case a primary source of information and data is gathered by questioning participants using a survey. And this has raised questions in my own individual project. My evaluation project is focusing on answering two questions: 1)How much time are faculty willing to invest in online training, and 2)Can the current training be condensed to meet those needs without sacrificing goals? Because valuable information can be gathered by surveying potential participants, my questions become how to ask the right questions to yield the most informative results. The Developing Questionnaires, Interview Schedules, and Sociometric Instruments describes a step-wise approach to writing questions for survey analysis. And because my project will require a survey of faculty, I have been using this resource to begin to formulate my questions. Writing survey questions seem intuitive, however, everyone is different and can interpret information differently. The examples in Developing Questionnaires illustrate how different approaches to questioning can yield different results.

At first, I thought that the other resource may not have direct implications to my evaluation project. While the information in the Constructing Checklists and Rating Scales resource was interesting, at first I didn’t appreciate it.Constructing Checklists seemed more appropriate for qualitative data collection. I now understand how this resource can be used in my own qualitative analysis and course condensation of the OIC course. Again, one may think that the information is intuitive. But as it seems with the topic of evaluation, what may be intuitive is not necessarily easy.


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