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The Beginning


This week marks the beginning of the planning process for our evaluation projects in EdTech 505-Evaluation for Educational Technologists. Because I am not teaching this semester, I had great difficulty trying to think of a meaningful project or program that I could evaluate. Luckily, an opportunity has presented itself in the office of Online Learning at the College of Western Idaho. This past summer, I was asked to participate in a pilot online training course. This course is required of all new online instructors and is basically a condensed 8-week survey of our detailed EdTech M.ET program. I am eager to begin the process of evaluation because I was not involved in the creation of the course. I was basically used as a test-subject. After reading the Boulmetis and Dutwin text regarding types of evaluation models, and data analysis, I am even more excited to begin. The only direction I have received so far is that the Manager for Online Learning would like to have “another set of eyes… formally evaluate the program with an external evaluation model”. I think this evaluation process could be very similar to the process that has been described so far in the Boulmetis and Dutwin text. I would be operating as an evaluator that is coming into an established program. The type of evaluation model I may consider using would probably be either to goal-oriented or the decision-making model. The purpose of this course is to instruct new online instructors on the best practices and pedagogy associated with online learning. CWI has established specific requirements for online course delivery, so the data I presume we will collect will be outcome based and qualitative in nature. How well have instructors applied the information offered in the OIC to their course development? Are all of the components there? Are documents, videos, embedded using suggested methods? So much of what we are beginning is still unknown, but I am eager to start.


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