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Technology Plan Assessment and Outcomes

It has become clear to me that one of the most critical components of a successful Technology Use Plan is the assessment of technology related goals and the strategic (and realistic) development of achievable goals within a specific time frame. One of the challenges with creating a Technology Use Plan can developing over-reaching goals that are ideal, yet unrealistic in terms of deployment. Taking a school that cannot afford to hire a full-time technology expert with the expectation that, within a year, whiteboards and daily classroom use of computers is unrealistic. The development of a realistic plan assesses the needs of the administration, staff, and students while balancing technological advancement in a meaningful way. Plans that fail to address the needs for staff training, a help desk and staff to manage technology questions, as well as budgetary concerns are difficult to implement. Yet with all these challenges, the creation of an achievable Technology Use Plan can represent the best efforts of a collaboration of many individuals, representing the needs of the administration, parents, staff, and students. A balance is possible, and well constructed plans assess the needs of the many for the benefit of the whole institution.


One thought on “Technology Plan Assessment and Outcomes

  1. You bring up a good point. If goals are set but not attainable, the plan will go unused and will not work as a tool to improve the learning environment. According to the Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan, “Time, support, commitment, teamwork, and flexibility are required to guarantee acceptance and implementation of the technology”. If the goals set do not fall in a reasonable time frame and support, like staff training and a help desk which you mention, are not available the school will run the risk of not getting everyone to implement the plan as it was designed.

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